New Book, Geo Power, Demystifies a Superior Heating & Cooling Choice

June 2015 — A new book, Geo Power, gives homeowners, homebuilders and architects what they need to know when considering geothermal heating / cooling, a technology the EPA calls “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective” space-conditioning system available.

All homes, new or existing, can use ground-source heat pumps (GHPs) to harness nature’s free energy for year-round comfort. But understanding how and why heat pumps work, and which system options are best for your situation, can be confusing. Author Don Lloyd tackles this challenge head-on with clear, down-to-earth explanations.

Because homeowners quickly get past the feel-good “green-ness” of any technology and focus on the bottom-line, Lloyd details how this reliable, proven technology saves money year after year in utility bills AND increases the value of the home.

For those who appreciate a bit of simple science and looking “under the hood,” Lloyd explains in non-technical terms the basic principles of heat pumps and how super efficiencies are achieved. Homebuilding and geothermal professionals will find these insights (accompanied by numerous illustrations) quite useful when educating customers and training new employees. The final chapter is devoted to those considering a geothermal career.

Michigan community college professor and IGSHPA certified national trainer/installer Lawrence A. Muhammad says, “With this book, my students and trainees are able to understand not only why geothermal can be used, but the scientific reasons for its effectiveness. And for homeowners looking for a safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, or businesses needing to reduce operating costs, this is the right book at the right time.”

Woven throughout the book are author Don Lloyd’s firsthand experiences and the knowledge gained from living with a geothermal system. “I’ve found that although many people had heard about geothermal, they did not understand the facts,” says Lloyd. “This book will give homeowners a better foundation for making their own decisions and encourage them to adopt this superior method of heating and cooling.”