REVIEWS: Winds of Purgatory, A Novel

It’s been twenty years since an engineered microbe brought the age of oil to an end, triggering a civil war that left civilization forever changed. Now, in a world divided into tightly controlled urban islands and self-reliant rural settlements, Salia Warchez, a cunning priestess of the end days, is ready to bring the new social order to its knees.

Moving like a ghost on the fringes of civilization, the outlaw Salia is one of the select few who know the secret to oil’s demise. And now she intends to bring it back for her own nefarious ends. But there’s a problem, and it’s waiting for her in the Colorado mountain town of Purgatory. As smoldering rivalries suddenly ignite, the future of oil will be settled once and for all, in one of the most deadly and peculiar places on Earth.

Winds of Purgatory, A Novel

ISBN 978-1-936555-50-5
$16.95 paperback | $8.99 ebook
388 pages, 6 x 9
Eastlake Books

This is the best ever

“What a master storyteller! I’ve read my share of post-apocalyptic screeds (i.e. James Howard Kunstler’s works), and this is the best ever. The idea is amazing — a microbe that solidifies the world’s oil. His venturing into the metaphysical is never easy, but in this case it works. The characters, the premise, the writing are truly amazing; his narrative description and character definition are equal to the best novelists in the trade.”
– Neville Williams, Florida

Breathtaking adventure

Winds of Purgatory is a breathtaking adventure, mixing fantasy and fiction with a gripping commentary on human nature and our society’s dependence on fossil fuels. Ewing has written a thought-provoking novel along with a prescient narrative on the outcome of losing our traditional energy supply, while his literary voice and love for nature echo within the pages. I highly recommend Winds of Purgatory to anyone who is in need of a captivating, beautifully written book.”
– AnnaMarie H., Winchester, England

Very realistic, scarily so!

“An amazingly well written post-apocalyptic book. The characters were intriguing, the pace made it a one-sitting-read. The world-building was utterly amazing, especially if you take into account that the book has some sci-fi elements in it. The plot line is very realistic. Scarily so! The most memorable thing about this book is how exceptionally well it is written. I will definitely read more books by this author.”
– Wanda Hartzenberg

Just can’t put it down

“Fascinating characters … fast-paced story line … written by an author who really knows his stuff. It’s one of those books that you just can’t put down, but yet you don’t want to finish it either — that blow to the heart when you’ve just finished a great piece of writing.”
– Mira P., 35-year publishing professional

Exciting, suspenseful

The best-written book I have read in years. This post-apocalypse story is exciting, suspenseful, and told with words and descriptions that transcend the ordinary. The weird and wonderful notions of modern theoretical physics play well into this story of bonding, survival and conflict between philosophies. Jack Vara is the professor turned adventurer as he travels to the remote cabin of the father he never knew to continue a quest. The compadres of his dead father are a memorable and well-defined group. As the story unfolds, human nature is shown to be the same in the new world of an oil-less future. The story is great, the narrative is outstanding, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.”
– Jay Williams (posted on GoodReads and amazon)

Give us more!

“I love this book. A little ways into the book I realized I was ‘in’ the book so to speak … meaning that I was truly relating to the characters in a manner that I can’t recall ever feeling before. I began asking myself, would I have what it would take to survive? Who would I align myself with or trust, for that matter? Give us more, Mr. Ewing!”
– Thomas Rowe


“A post-apocalypse book that is a page turner. Winds of Purgatory is a well written captivating story.The characters are great and you will hate to finish the book. I can’t wait to read another book from Rex Ewing.”
– Heather Bennett

A perfect mix

Winds of Purgatory is a page turner from page one. It is a perfect mix of action, mystery, and science fiction. With every chapter I thought I knew what was coming next and was always wrong. What really happened was invariably more exciting than what I had imagined!”
– Jack E, Costa Rica

Needs to be a movie

“Awesome, awesome novel that needs to be a blockbuster movie. I’d love to see actors taking on the rich characters that populate this brilliant piece of work. You are very talented at keeping this reader entranced and curious in the intrigue. Truly the action held an inspired momentum, keeping me captured all the way through to the conclusion of this book. Well done!”
– MaryAnne M., Colorado

Totally Engaging

“A big, juicy, satisfying tale of science gone terribly wrong and science fiction that seems all too possible. It will keep your wheels turning long after you’ve turned the last page. Filled with complex, memorable characters you’ll love or hate or fear and more twists and turns than a high mountain road, Winds of Purgatory is bound to make you wonder if you’d have the skills and guts and smarts to survive the unthinkable—and what kind of new world you’d create if you did. Carefully crafted, lyrically written and totally engaging.”
– Linda M., Colorado


“An engaging, believable, can’t-put-it-down read about an all too possible future. Characters, action, and setting are all realistic and easy to imagine really happening. This is a compelling work of fiction, and I hope Rex has a few more gems like this up his sleeve. Winds of Purgatory is fun and tough to put down. Highly recommended.”
– Doug Pratt, California

A master storyteller with attitude

“A thrilling, mind-expanding tale filled with colorful characters whose adventures make it impossible to put the book down. Even in the midst of the raw situations, I loved the gentle sweetness flowing through the entire story. Winds of Purgatory is highly entertaining yet it makes you think twice about the ever-tightening grip of the oil industry.”
– Kathleen O., Minnesota

Some rather thought-provoking ideas

“This has been one of the better post-apocalyptic novels I’ve read in a very long time. The work of fantasy and fiction was blended with some rather thought provoking ideas. The plot pace worked very well throughout the book and was very well thought out. I liked the tone the author uses, making it easy for me to relate. Each character is unique, well fleshed out, and feel like they fit perfectly into the story. Overall it’s an enjoyable read and one I would recommend to readers who enjoy fantasy, post-apocalyptic themes, and suspense.”
– My rating: 5 of 5 stars; Jennifer Strohschein at BooksBooksBooks

Love this book!

“I absolutely love this book! A supernatural, post-apocalyptic twist is not something I would normally read, but I got hooked on the fascinating characters and action, not to mention the rich settings of Colorado, my home state. Now I want the sequel!”
– Ina W., Colorado