Articles & Essays by Rex Ewing

Novus Veritas

A couple of thought-provoking essays that venture beyond scientific and religious dogma to reveal a purposeful world. 

Novus: fresh, new, extraordinary
Veritas: reality, truth

Rex Ewing’s passion for metaphysics was not a matter of choice. It’s the place to where his mind has always naturally gravitated. Educated in science and philosophy, Rex is now at work illuminating the voids that lie beyond the reach of science.

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Reductio ad Absurdum

“To understand the world, you take something that is whole and beautiful and break it into pieces. You have been taught that the world makes more sense that way, but all you are really [...]

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If Time Began at the Big Bang…

“Because your culture directs your focus to things made of atoms, you have adopted a belief system that discourages you from searching for the deeper truths beyond the physical world.” - Lismadalena, Book One of [...]

Log Homes Solar Style

As a regular contributor to Log Homes Illustrated and Log Home Living magazines, Rex wrote many articles about the various aspects of renewable energy as they relate to log homes, including several that profile off-grid and grid-tied log-home owners using solar and/or wind energy to power and heat their homes.

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High-Country Harmony Near Telluride

If you are lucky enough to spend the night in Scott and Tess Van Wagner’s 1,500 square-foot, solar-powered log cabin hideaway in the Colorado Rockies near Telluride, you might wake up to the enchanting melodies [...]

Plugged Into the Colorado Sun & Wind

To hear Carole Brannon tell it, you’d think her life had become a fairytale. With a contagious smile that beams with pride, she begins her story 11 years ago, when she and her husband, Glenn, [...]

Renewable Energy

Over the years, Rex has written about all aspects of residential renewable energy, for both off-grid and grid-tied homes. Topics include photovoltaic and wind energy, solar hot water, geothermal energy, passive solar design, battery maintenance, solar water pumping and more.

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Life as a Watt Farmer

Most of us in most places hardly ever give a moment's thought to electricity. At least not most of the time. We don't wonder how many pounds of coal has to be fed into the [...]


Rex began his writing career while operating a Thoroughbred breeding / training facility, and running the John Ewing Company, a horse supplement manufacturing firm. His articles address horse nutrition, and a few fun ones, such as the first Kentucky Derby, and a tale about a long, turbulent relationship with a particularly spirited horse.

The First Kentucky Derby

There could not have been a more auspicious day to hold a horse race. The sun rose pleasantly warm over northern Kentucky in a sky bereft of clouds, and though the birds were doubtless singing, […]

Tale of Mingo Mike

About the time my grandfather was lobbing hand grenades at German infantry in the War to End All Wars, a stout Thoroughbred stallion named Prince Palatine sired a colt named Rose Prince. Rose Prince begat […]

Ewings on cover of The New Pioneer magazine

Rex and LaVonne Ewing on the cover of The New Pioneer Magazine (2013), with their dogs Tazi and Maggie.