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Author Rex A. Ewing

Rex Ewing on his mountain

Rex Ewing’s diverse interests have led him from Colorado to Costa Rica to Alaska and back again. Along the way he’s worked cattle and horses, mined gold, and formulated equine nutritional supplements. His eclectic formal education has provided him with a good background in science and philosophy, and these are the subjects his mind naturally seeks out when given free rein. He is presently busy illuminating the voids that lie beyond the reach of science in his Novus Veritas essays and upcoming book series.

Rex is a nationally known non-fiction writer who loves a challenge, especially when he feels a need to give a fresh perspective on a subject, be it horse nutrition, or solar, wind, and hydrogen energy. Or something learned at the school of hard knocks, like handcrafting a log home far from the nearest power line. Power With Nature, 3rd edition is his latest renewable energy book for homeowners.

His novels include Winds of Purgatory, a thought-provoking story set in a remote Colorado mountain town. There science and the supernatural collide in a life-or-death struggle to either bring oil—a long-lost, wickedly destroyed commodity—back to the world, or banish it forever.

He currently lives at the end of a bad dirt road in the Colorado Rockies with his wife LaVonne and two dogs. There he writes from a hand-hewn log cabin powered by the sun and wind.

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