PixyJack Press

100% solar and wind powered since 1999

Rex and LaVonne Ewing

Words are powerful. A book in hand is empowering in ways the internet can’t be. Use the web to check the weather forecast and find that perfect recipe, but to really delve into a subject and glean wisdom, read a good book.

What we publish

PixyJack Press publishes books about nature…the wild and not-so-wild:

  • renewable energy and sustainable living
  • log home planning and building
  • wildfire readiness and disaster recovery
  • fire safety at home
  • bear smart advice
  • simple horse nutrition
  • Costa Rica nature and history

All in all, PixyJack Press is rather ‘green’ when it comes to our list of environmental titles and our complete reliance on renewable energy. Publishers Weekly took note of this unique combination in the January 5, 2009, “Green and Off the Grid” article by Bridget Kinsella. But readers never know that our authors come from all points on the political spectrum; politics (and guilt trips) are left at the door. The wisdom they share in their books is for everyone.

Who we sell to

We sell to individuals and bookstores, but also to organizations and groups who want to make a difference. So we make it easy to buy direct from us, whether you want individual signed copies or larger orders with bulk discounts. Our Store gives you access to these quantity discounts so you can shop any time, day or night!

How we ended up here

In 1999 we relocated our new publishing company several miles off the beaten path to a place of breathtaking views and endless wildlife. But no utilities. And so we began the odyssey of learning how to handcraft a home from a pile of logs and harness the sun and wind to provide the energy. We then transformed our hard-won knowledge into a couple of popular graphic-packed books. Soon afterwards we added more authors to our lineup and expanded our range of topics.

How to reach us

PixyJack Press is led by publisher LaVonne Ewing, an award-winning book designer, and her husband, author Rex Ewing. The best way to reach LaVonne is by email: info@pixyjackpress.com.

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