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If Time Began at the Big Bang…

“Because your culture directs your focus to things made of atoms, you have adopted a belief system that discourages you from searching for the deeper truths beyond the physical world.”
– Lismadalena, Book One of the Novus Veritas series

That there is such a thing as the physical world is a wonder in itself. One’s first temptation is to ask why. Why does anything tangible exist?

Even in the logical, scientific, sense, the question is still interesting, for it asks that we retrace cosmic history back in time to the inception of the Big Bang, the moment when the seed of all time, space, and matter burst open and the nascent universe was born.

Science’s burning question, then, is: what scientific principles were at work in that very first moment? Or, to put it another way: what laws, or forces, or principles are presently evident in the universe that would allow us to logically tease out the particulars of the beginning of time, space, and […]

Reductio ad Absurdum

“To understand the world, you take something that is whole and beautiful and break it into pieces. You have been taught that the world makes more sense that way, but all you are really doing is fragmenting its deeper truths and making them incomprehensible.”
– Lismadalena, Book One of the Novus Veritas series

If we reduce physical nature to its theoretical limits, do we reach an absurdity? Or does the absurdity only occur when we try to put it back together again?

The compulsion to break things down to see what they’re made of is deeply ingrained our culture. The world to our Western eyes is an amalgam of systems and subsystems, large and small, each containing a finite number of parts and all subject to the laws and forces of nature. Our solar system, for instance, operates on the principles of mass, momentum, and gravity. And when we describe the workings of its […]

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