– Review of Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate, by Jennifer Ladewig, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April, 2017

When we first got the book my 10-year-old said, “Mom, why does the title say that monkeys are made of chocolate?” After reading the book the title totally makes sense. My daughter has an intense fascination with animals and learned so much from this book. My daughter said:

Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate is a fun way to learn about Costa Rica. In this book, you will learn about sloths, coatis, toucans, different types of trees and a lot more. My favorite chapter was 21 entitled, A Bad Trip into the Magic World of the Giant Toad, because the story was really good. Jack Ewing talks about finding a stray dog that liked to catch and bite poisonous toads. One really interesting thing that I learned was that the jabillo tree deposits its seeds is by shooting the crown shaped seeds off of the branches and it sounds like a gunshot. This tree is very dangerous because if you cut at the bark of the tree it will shoot a latex, milky substance that is blinding if it gets in your eyes. I loved this book!!!!!”

Author and naturalist Jack Ewing is a fabulous storyteller and gives his readers a vivid depiction of life in the rainforest of Costa Rica. He has an uncanny ability to draw his readers in. You feel like you are there in the rainforest experiencing what you are reading. Each chapter is like its own story. After reading the book in its entirety, you will definitely have a unique insight into Costa Rica.

This book is definitely worth reading. It would be a great addition to your child’s geography study of Costa Rica. The book would be a great source of information for those planning to travel to Costa Rica. I would absolutely recommend this book to others.