“Surviving Wildfire should be mandatory reading for anyone living in the WUI.”
– Garry Sanfacon, Fourmile Canyon Fire Recovery Manager

No one thinks their home will burn down in a wildfire. And yet every year thousands of homes do. Research shows that at least half of the people who stand in the ashes of their dreams must face the fact that they don’t have the right kind of coverage or enough insurance to rebuild and replace what they owned.

Few people know what their homeowners’ insurance actually covers or how it works in a major loss. Or understand the high price they’ll pay for being underinsured and unprepared. One wildfire survivor is determined to change all that.

Linda Masterson’s newly released book, Surviving Wildfire, is a blueprint for homeowners living with wildfire risk. It’s filled with practical information about how to reduce risk, get better prepared, stay alive when wildfire threatens, and rebuild their lives if disaster strikes.

“The combination of the author’s real-life experience and her diligent research makes Surviving Wildfire a very helpful handbook for people living with the risk of wildfire,” says Michele Steinberg, National Manager of the Firewise Communities Program.

Masterson’s Colorado home burned to the ground in 2011. “My husband and I lost everything but each other. On the road to recovery we had to come to terms with all the things we should have done that would’ve made starting over much easier,” says Masterson. “I wrote Surviving Wildfire so no one else will have to learn those lessons the hard way.”

The book begins with a sobering look at why wildfire is a growing problem, and what homeowners can do to give their home a better chance of surviving. In easy-to-understand language, Masterson explains how insurance really works and how to calculate replacement costs for home and belongings. You’ll also learn how to prepare your family so if wildfire threatens, you’ll know what to do, what to take, and how and when to safely evacuate. There’s even a sobering look at how to survive if you are trapped at home, in your car or out in the open. And if your home is damaged or destroyed, insider tips on how to collect everything you are due under the terms of your insurance policy will prove most helpful. The appendix also includes numerous resources for homeowners.

Surviving Wildfire: Get Prepared, Stay Alive, Rebuild Your Life (A Handbook for Homeowners) by Linda Masterson is published by PixyJack Press. A companion pocket guide is also available. (Book $16.95; Book and Pocket Guide $19.95). Wholesale discounts offered to HOAs, fire departments and anyone needing a tool to motivate and educate. Details at: www.GetWildfireSmart.com.