"A wake-up call for anyone who lives with wildfire risk. Solidly researched, easy to read and reference, and full of information that could save homes...and lives."
Dave Zader, Fire Manager
Boulder, Colorado

"...Surviving Wildfire is worthy of the highest recommendation, especially for anyone who lives in or near fire-prone lands; reading it could literally save lives."
Small Press Bookwatch

"A very compelling read and extremely informative. The combination of the author's real-life experience and her diligent research makes this a very helpful handbook for people living with the risk of wildfire."
Michele Steinberg, Manager – Firewise Communities Program, National Fire Protection Association

"I will definitely recommend Surviving Wildfire to homeowners and insurance professionals; it is a great, comprehensive resource! Masterson explains everything in understandable, objective language that is anchored in her personal experience."

Carole Walker, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

"The County staff reviewed Surviving Wildfire and everyone agreed: this is a great, comprehensive resource. It should be mandatory reading for anyone living in the WUI. I know I could've benefited greatly by this book in my role as Fire Recovery Manager. I will certainly urge homeowners to read it and get prepared."
Garry Sanfacon, Fire Recovery Manager, Boulder County Fourmile Canyon, Colorado

"Surviving Wildfire is a must-read for people who are considering moving to the WUI and also those who are already living in their dream homes. This comprehensive book not only covers what you can do to reduce risk of losing your home to wildfire, but also how to recover if disaster strikes. Small but power packed, this book gives vital information on how to determine fire risk on a property before you buy; how to reduce risk through building materials, landscaping, and site selection; how and why certain fires become catastrophic; and what to do if you lose your home to wildfire. Masterson walks you step by step through the insurance maze to ensure you have the best chance of getting what you paid for. I highly recommend this book to Homeowner Associations, communities, developers, and anyone else who lives or works in the WUI."
Helen McGranahan, Firewise Board Chair, Silver Star Subdivision, Custer, South Dakota


Surviving Wildfire: Get Prepared, Stay Alive, Rebuild Your Life

Linda Masterson

$16.95 paperback
ISBN 978-1-936555-15-4
6 x 9, 144 pages
published 2013

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