"Should be mandatory reading for all environmentally conscious folk. This book is immensely useful and readable, and enjoyable. Whoever says conservation and science are stuffy subjects needs to have this book to reverse their view."
— reviewer

"Plenty of energy guides for homeowners advocate getting off the grid; but few do such a good job of explaining just how to go about it. Power With Nature is essential for rural homeowners. An outstanding, highly recommended guide."
California Bookwatch

“…Ewing tackles a complex, technical subject and serves it up in an easy-to-digest, fun-to-read book that shows how anyone can harness the power of the wind, water and sun. Whether you’re thinking of going green and living off-grid, interested in a grid intertie system, or just want to carry on an intelligent conversation over a couple of cold sun teas, this book is packed with practical information. Ewing not only writes a good line, he lives one… For the rest of us plugged-in mortals, it’s a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.”
— Linda Masterson, for High Country News

"Your solar book is so timely. It not only explained how solar systems work for a dwelling, but proved to be a good reference point for the immense topic of electrical systems in general. The chapter on inverters was especially informative. I now have a good working knowledge of these things and feel confident I will no longer have the deer-in-the-headlights look when listening to a salesman before buying."
Barb Fabisch

"Many homeowner guides talk about getting off the grid: this is one of the few to translate talk into action, discussing costs, pros and cons of different systems, and how to look at energy usage and conservaton tactics. The latest information makes this updated edition a 'must' for any conservation or homeowner's collection."
The Bookwatch

"This second book by Rex Ewing is not only a practical and contemporary book on renewable energy, but also an entertaining primer for those who may be just considering the option of stand-alone, off-grid power and the responsibilities that come with it."
BackHome Magazine

"Power With Nature demonstrates that a practical informative book on renewable energy doesn't have to be boring. It takes a technical subject and translates it into a 'how-to' book with an added twist of humor. The entire book communicates well to both the layperson and energy enthusiast."
— Mary Jane Masters, for Institute of Ecolonomics

"I have read virtually every book that has been written about using solar and wind to power your home and this book is one of the best I have ever read on the subject. I guess I can put my plans to write a book for people who know nothing about PV on hold because this, with a few minor changes, is the book that I would have written. I gave it to my wife--a true solar neophyte--to read just to see if a civilian would enjoy and understand it. Here are her comments: "I read Mr. Ewing's book from cover to cover and found it to be a very easy read and I hate technical manuals, but this book is written very well and is easy to comprehend from the perspective of someone who knows next to nothing about electricity and how it works. For anyone considering going 'green' this is an absolute must read. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in building a self-sufficient home or changing to a grid-tie system." - Debbie Cooper
— Larry Cooper, Kyocera Solar, Inc.

"It is a fun book, easy to read, delightful illustrations; the appendices are worth the price of the book themselves. And I appreciate the bonuses, e.g. calculating rainwater collection and info on corn and pellet stoves. This is a book that our visitors will want. Congratulations for producing a really great handbook for renewable energy enthusiasts!"
H. Dana Moran, Colorado Energy Science Center at NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

"Power With Nature is loaded with practical information that will help almost anyone gain a better understanding of using and living with renewable energy. It's an excellent choice for people just beginning to explore what would be the best options. Very readable!"
Mark McCray, Ph.D., RMSElectric, and author of Doctor PV column for Solar Today magazine

"Entertaining and educational is how I would describe this fun, well-written exploration of renewable energy. I highly recommendPower With Nature for anyone wanting to understand the power of the sun and wind, or just wanting to read for the fun of it!"
Starla Gade, Sunelco

"A much needed, up-to-date book on renewable energy. The future is expanding rapidly for small-scale, homestead-based solar, wind, or hydro power generation, with lots of new products and materials. This book is an easy read, based on real people's experiences actually putting together an off-the-grid home with modern hardware.
Doug Pratt, Real Goods Technical Editor

"Readers who want to be completely self-reliant, who are looking for cost-effective solutions, or who are somewhere in the middle--all will find something useful here .... Ewing writes in a folksy, informal manner, and readers will find his hands-on primer worthwhile."
Library Journal, April 2003

"I greatly enjoyed reading this book. The unusual splitting into a 'fable' and then sufficiently detailed facts and personal history kept my attention from beginning to end. This book will be most useful to those with only a bit of technical knowledge and a consequent concern that going off-grid may be too much of a challenge. The clear writing of Rex, coupled with LaVonne's clever drawings, should help others follow their self-educational steps."
Ron Larson, solar designer, teacher and practitioner since 1973; board member of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and its Colorado chapter (CRES)


Power With Nature, 3rd Edition:
Renewable Energy Options for Homeowners

Rex A. Ewing

$24.00 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9773724-9-2
6 x 9, 240 pages,
published January 2013

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