"Already an accomplished writer of wildlife stories and riveting tales of pioneer survival in this remote part of Costa Rica, Jack Ewing extends his range in this new collection. With his talent for storytelling, combined with careful research, Jack brings human prehistory to life in tales of an imagined, but believable, tribe of tapir hunters. Not satisfied with the distant human past, he reaches even further back, to breathe life into the very stones that formed Costa Rica, serving up geological history in meaty but easy-to-swallow bites.
     For Jack's many fans, the stories recalling episodes of his 45-year, personal evolution from cattle rancher, to emerging naturalist and conservationist, to renowned environmentalist will be equally enlightening and entertaining.
     This book will appeal to all ages and a wide range of readers -- tourists, naturalists, environmentalists, natural history students, local history buffs and anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the natural Costa Rica that Jack has worked so hard to foster and protect."
— Dorothy MacKinnon, travel writer, Fodor's Guide to Costa Rica, Insight Guide to Costa Rica, Tico Times

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 "The Costa Rican conservation story is a fascinating one and Jack Ewing has been an incredibly effective participant in its success. The book gives a very real and personal context to it. And he's a great story teller as well! I loved it!"
— Richard Andrus, Professor - Binghamton University, New York

"Captivating...never has a history lesson been so entertaining and informative. Jack's interpretations and factual account of the formation of Costa Rica flows beautifully into the stories of everyday life. Giving us glimpses of the early years of the south-central Pacific coast and what was to become Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge. Laced with his passion for the rainforest and its wildlife every story paints a vivid picture of how life was and where it is now. 'Progress' for this area hasn't been the building of high rise hotels with manicured lawns and not a monkey in sight. Fortunately, for us it has progressed with the reforestation of the rainforest and the return of abundant wildlife with a healthy eco system. Because of Jack Ewing and people like him we are sure to see the return of the tapir and jaguar to this extraordinary biological corridor, keeping this part of Costa Rica truly the 'rich coast' as it was meant to be. Where the Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed is a must read for those who love Costa Rica and those yet to discover this beautiful country."
— Pat Cheek, Quepolandia

"Where Tapirs & Jaguars Once Roamed transports the reader into Costa Rica with an intimacy born from the author's life there and with a vividness that would be difficult to match even seeing it for yourself. We are in our third decade of exploring and mapping Costa Rica and delighted to Jack's insightful tales uncovering the idiosyncrasies that are so familiar to anyone who's spent time there. These stories also revealed surprising discoveries on nearly every page and after reading them we felt we knew the people, history and culture in a unique new way.
     "The book unwinds Costa Rica's lifeline - starting millions of years ago with geology, and paleoecology, moving ahead with historical fiction vignettes based on archaeological and anthropological evidence of the first indigenous peoples, presenting the last century through narratives gleaned from conversations with early settlers and their descendants and completing the story with his experience as a driving force in the country's evolution from an economy based on clear cutting forests for ranching and farming to a world leader in ecological awareness and conservation. It is fascinating and personal, never dry or academic, yet by the end there's no denying it's a thoroughly educational read.
     "Whether for background in advance of a visit or for something apropos and entertaining to read in a hammock between adventures while on vacation there's no better choice."
— Ray & Sue Krueger Koplin, Toucan Maps Inc.


Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed: Ever-Evolving Costa Rica

Jack Ewing

$22.95 paperback
ISBN 978-1-936555-55-0
6 x 9, 288 pages
published 2015

Cover Artist Jan Betts

Jan Betts had a successful career as artist and illustrator for many years in the USA before moving to Costa Rica over 30 years ago. During her time in the rainforest, her life has gone thru many chapters, and her art has followed them all. She has a private studio/gallery where she delights in her creations.

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