"After 20 years as consultant, CGD and IGSHPA instructor, and a vetted Geo Junkie, this is a very rare, not to mention 'the best', holistic and non-technical presentation of technical information I've seen. Within the past hour, I have decided to order another 20 for routine use in my 'ramp up' of new clients. A few bucks as a gift will save me weeks of education."
— John Geyer, John Geyer & Associates - Vancouver, WA

"This book has helped give me the knowledge and confidence to move forward. It took geothermal from something too good to be true to something too good to ignore.
— Louis S., New York homeowner

"Thank you, Don Lloyd, for writing a geothermal book that is accessible for homeowners.  Educating consumers about geothermal heat pumps is the responsibility of everyone in the geothermal industry; Don's book gives us another tool to use as we try to improve the way we heat and cool our buildings."
— Brian Hayden, HeatSpring Institute

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"If you want to learn about the best way to heat and cool your home, this is the place to start. In this small volume you will quickly learn the basics of heating and cooling technology, why ground source heat pumps are the most efficient, cheapest and environmentally smartest approach to take, and how to make it work for you. Don Lloyd provides that rare combination that makes learning easy--firsthand experience and practical knowledge. This is the kind of guide that will help you avoid pitfalls while also giving you enough understanding so that expectations can be realistic. Written in a lively style, you will be entertained by anecdotes from his travels down the road to low-cost home energy, while gaining a deeper appreciation for the beauty and simplicity inherent in Earth's Free Energy. Buy this book - you'll be smarter for doing it."
— William E. Glassley, Ph.D., author of Geothermal Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment

"Your book is a great guide for anyone considering energy efficiency solutions and even more importantly, those who have not yet considered or acknowledged geothermal as a viable answer to heating and cooling. A must-read for the professional builder and architect who have shied away from geothermal for lack of information and understanding. This book puts geothermal and especially ‘DX’ in its proper perspective in a clear concise manner for both the professional and laymen. Soon geothermal will no longer be ‘the best kept secret’ in renewable energy."
— Diana Gaeta, Total Green LLC

"The Smart Guide to Geothermal is a great introduction to geothermal heating and cooling. The writing style is friendly and makes a sometimes-difficult-to-understand technology easy to grasp. I recommend this book to any homeowner who is looking for a good energy-saving (and long-term money-saving) option to fossil fuel-based heating. The author has done an excellent job of communicating his enthusiasm along with a lot of good information."
— Marilyn Nemzer, Executive Director, Geothermal Education Office



The Smart Guide to Geothermal:
How to Harvest Earth's Free Energy for Heating and Cooling

Donal B. Lloyd

$19.95 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9773724-8-5
5.5 x 8.5, 192 pages
published 2011

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