• Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate
    • A Tale of Tzimin and Bolom
    • Raven Meets Toboba Tiznada
    • Eating the Seed Corn
    • Who Says You Can't Teach An Old Sloth New Tricks
    • There's a Fungus Among Us
    • Everybody Loves Toucan Sam ... or Do They?
    • Buffalo Herds, Beer and a Disease-Free World
    • The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
    • Not a Tree to Hug
    • Viagra Brings New Hope for Vanishing Marine Turtles
    • Addictive Brown Powder and Biodiversity
    • Blood Eaters Gone Amok
    • A Musty What?
    • Bats in the Attic, Pigs on the Plane, Hey Ma, the Well's Gone Dry
    • Deforestation, Reforestation and Regeneration
    • How Much Is a Tree Worth?
    • Please Don't Feed the Crocodiles


  • Great Weather for Bare-Throated Tiger Herons
  • The Tapirs of Sirena
  • A Bad Trip into the Magic World of the Giant Toad
  • Moon Lore: Method, Magic or Madness?
  • The Law of the Jungle: Survive If You Can
  • Those Dangerous Eco-Nuts
  • Close Encounters in the Slow Lane
  • Carrying Things to Extremes:Extremely Beautiful, Extremely Toxic
  • Alien Invasion: Exotics, Non-Natives and Invasives
  • Hateful Devils the Ants Won't Even Eat
  • Burgers versus Biodiversity in the Mangrove
  • And the Cards Came Tumbling Down
  • The Pizote and the Lion
  • Strange Things Are Happening in the Tree Tops


Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate: Exotic and Unseen Costa Rica

Jack Ewing
foreword by Daniel Quinn

$19.95 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9658098-1-8
6 x 9, 240 pages
with color photo insert
published 2005

Cover Artist Jan Betts

Jan Betts had a successful career as artist and illustrator for many years in the USA before moving to Costa Rica over 30 years ago. During her time in the rainforest, her life has gone thru many chapters, and her art has followed them all. She has a private studio/gallery where she delights in her creations.

Costa Rica Note Cards

card images side by side

Set of 6 Notecards (3 of each design for $15) with Costa Rica illustrations by Jan Betts

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