"Joy of Bears is a strong testament to the natural beauty of bears and our precious animal kingdom."
— Anthony Douglas Williams, author of Inside the Divine Pattern

"Joy of Bears shows us just how much we can learn from other animals when we allow them to tell us who they are. Read it and share widely. Not only will you come to appreciate bears more than ever, but you'll also come to cherish the fascinating world of animals and the beautiful landscapes in which they live. Peaceful coexistence is the only way to live with other animals and to expand our compassion footprint and to rewild our hearts."
— Marc Bekoff, author of numerous books, evolutionary biologist, professor emeritus at University of Colorado

"A true celebration of the world of bears and the amazing environments they inhabit. With its stunning visuals and inspiring prose, the Joy of Bears will be treasured by anyone interested in wildlife and the natural world. A positive, very moving tribute to these astonishing animals."
— Rob Laidlaw, Executive Director, Zoocheck, Award winning children's author


Joy of Bears

Sylvia Dolson

$19.95 hardcover
ISBN 978-0-981381329
8 x 8, 112 pages
color photographs
published by Get Bear Smart Society, 2013

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