“This book is amazing. It has helped me explain the complex science of hydrogen to Wall Street investors.”
 Brion Tanous, Next Generation Energy, Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.

"The world needs more writing like this, a merging of art and science that puts the concepts within reach of everyone. Phenomenal!"
— Dr. Cortney Martin, Virginia Tech

“Whether it’s read for content, for pleasure, or as a source of great read-aloud anecdotes, this book provides the most current information on hydrogen and other energy technologies in an enjoyable way.”
 Richard Smith for National Science Teachers Association

“The International Youth Fuel Cell Competition will continue to recommend this excellent resource for the academic segment of our competition. The students thoroughly enjoy the entertaining format while studying the comprehensive information about hydrogen energy.”
Kay Larson, IYFCC Director; owner -

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“…appeals to readers of any age who have not lost their imagination or spirit of adventure. I also recommend it to the journalists, economists and political leaders of our age in hopes that they will get the science correct when they speak of the most serious technical problem of our time.”
 Richard S. Treptow, PhD, retired Professor of Chemistry – Chicago State University; textbook editor for numerous publishers

“I was sure HYDROGEN Hot Stuff Cool Science was going to be a stodgy and tedious read. I discovered, to my delight, Rex A. Ewing has concocted a formula that made it not only educational and informative, but downright entertaining. It’s a winner!”
 Dennis Weaver, Actor, Ecolonomist, Founder / Board Member – Institute of Ecolonomics

“I have read nearly every book on hydrogen technologies, and can safely say that this is the most readable and entertaining book available. I highly recommend this book.”
—  Doug Larson, Ph.D., owner of

HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff, Cool Science is at once a very enjoyable read and super resource for teachers, as well as for the lay public, who are looking for ways to sort out the basics of hydrogen science.”
Dr. Charles Bottinelli, Disney American Teacher Awards Honoree, 1999; Colorado science educator for 39 years

“This book will take you from a hydrogen illiterate to a person with a great working knowledge of all that is hydrogen. Rex has an uncanny way of using a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.”
—  Larry Cooper, Kyocera Solar

“I wish everyone could get a copy as this is an issue we all need to be aware of and pressing our politicians and legislators for the emergence of the hydrogen age. Buy this book!”
Terrence “Nick” Gildred

“Educational material on the subject of hydrogen is still scarce. High school textbooks barely address the subject and in most European curricula, hydrogen falls in a gap between physics and chemistry. HYDROGEN--Hot Stuff Cool Science clearly fills this gap and does it very well.”
H2World, June 2005

“Everyone that has an interest in our future should read it. It captivates you into another world and dimension while making something complicated seem easy.”
—  Fred Robinson

“This book will be a real asset for teachers attempting to illuminate the multifaceted science of hydrogen energy. I give Ewing an A+ for originality!”
—  Raymond Atwood, High School Science Teacher, 2003 Western North Dakota Teacher of the Year

“What a great book! If there’s a way to make science interesting, this is it.”
—  Steve Iwanicki, Jr., High School Senior

“Using a wise wizard capable of bringing the hugely important new science of hydrogen energy to life is a clever approach, and every chapter is followed by technical details obtained from excellent web references. Readers are in for a lot of surprises—including many amazing, not-yet-well-known future approaches to hydrogen generation and use.”
 Ronal Larson, Ph.D., American Solar Energy Society


Hydrogen - Hot Stuff Cool Science cover image

HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff, Cool Science
2nd Edition:
Discover the Future of Energy

Rex A. Ewing

SALE $10.00
ISBN 978-0-9773724-1-6
6 x 9, 288 pages
published January 2007

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