This is an excellent primer on home application of solar energy. Written in a chatty and amusing style, the book is more informational than mechanical. Because of the technological advances in the field, books covering the subject need to be updated frequently to remain useful. This update of the 2005 edition delivers fresh new information on energy regulations as well as a new section on solar and geothermal heating.
— Library Journal

"Ewing and Pratt both have long standing experience building and living with solar power systems, on and off the grid, with or without wind power. Here they augment their 2005 guide to designing and maybe installing a home system by adding chapters on using sunlight to heat the house and heat water, and on geothermal heating and cooling. The information they provide is available in many books now, but they present it with an informal and entertaining style that might appeal to many readers."
—SciTech Book News

"Got Sun gets it right. Clear and concise, all the information needed by anyone who wants solar or wind energy, which should be everyone!"
— Jeff Wolfe, CEO - Global Resource Options, Vermont (NABCEP Certified PV Installer)

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This is the best book ever published for the lay person about residential solar energy. Besides being fun to read, it will answer every technical question the homeowner would ever want or need to know. As the solar home power business explodes in America, this well-illustrated, easy-to-read book is essential.”
— Neville Williams, Founder – Standard Solar Inc., Solar Electric
Light Company, and Solar Electric Light Fund

Any library appealing to homeowners interested in alternative residential solar energy will find this a fine pick; easy to read, packed with information related in a non-technical manner, and offering tips on how grid-connected homeowners can make good future energy decisions.”
— California Bookwatch

Got Sun? Go Solar offers a clear and practical introduction for non-technical folks wanting to adopt solar electricity. And renewable energy dealers and installers will find it to be an excellent tool for helping their potential customers sort through all the options.”
— Chris Phipps, Director of Marketing – DC Power Systems, Inc.

"A book that's on topic, to the point, and well-written! Without burdening the reader with off-on-a-tangent distractions or too little information, Rex and Doug have done an excellent job in addressing the more important bits of knowledge and information sought after by those wanting to get involved with solar energy. A true value of the book is found in the Appendices: there is a great amount of information to a large number of related, from lists of component manufacturers, to state agencies, US maps of solar insolation, lists of organizations and associations, and others.
Richard Carter,

"Great reading and a valuable resource for anyone considering a solar or wind system for their home or business. Not only will the reader get the good news, but a healthy dose of reality is served up by two guys who know what they're talking about."
— Tom Bishop, President - Sunelco, Inc., Montana

"A must-read for anyone interested in learning about the benefits of renewables."
— Marc Cortez, Director of Marketing - Sharp USA

"Got Sun is a fine addition to any environmental library. Outlining the start-up costs of solar panels, the legal difficulties, and other concerns, anyone pondering the usefulness of solar will have their questions answered."
— Midwest Book Review

"Learn a new vocabulary! Take a refresher course on the electrical power of the sun and the wind! ... Ewing and Pratt [have] developed a nontechnical reference and guide for home owners thinking about pulling the plug on their utility connections."
— Barbara Jacobs, BOOKLIST (American Library Association)  


Got Sun? Got Solar, 2nd Edition:
Harness Nature's Free Energy to Heat & Power Your Grid-Tied Home

Rex A. Ewing & Doug Pratt

$20.00 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9773724-6-1
7.5 x 8, 192 pages
published January 2009

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