"Written for an audience of middle and high schoolers, this informative, descriptive, and smartly illustrated book would be an ideal resource for a professional development seminar as well."
— National Science Teachers Association

"œYour book is a treasure. Scientifically accurate, clearly written, with inviting diagrams--all of which helps beginning learners, of all ages, build an understanding of electricity."
— Fran Barhydt, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Vermont Energy Education Program

"œAt long last, a crucial issue for the survival of our society -- electricity from renewable energy -- has received comprehensive and clear treatment."
— Dr. Kevin Starr, State Librarian of California, Emeritus

"œFor anyone looking for a resource book on renewable energy, look no more. Energy for Keeps is cleverly written and illustrated. With Ben Franklin as host, the journey is a historical, as well as scientific exploration of our energy options and their consequences."
— Susan T. Schleith, Education Coordinator, Florida Solar Energy Center


"œThis is awesome! Nobody covers all the bases in one package as well as this book. Great job! The artwork is very catchy."
— Matt Kuhn, Education Programs Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"œWell done. A great addition to teacher resources. That sound you hear is applause!"
— Susanne Garfield, Media and Public Communications Office California Energy Commission

"I am very impressed with the book and would love to see it included in Hawaii’s curriculum.... It truly is a landmark publication."
— Jacqui L. Hoover, Administrative & Projects Manager, Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

"I am excited about this book! I haven'€™t read anything like it, and its comprehensive look at many different types of renewable energy, especially the wave energy. I just love it! Our Solar In the Schools program is growing and I can't wait to market this book to local educators!"
— Stacy Stein, Membership Coordinator, Solar Energy International

"This book was a hit from the day it arrived. For the first week or two, my 6th grader would pick up the book and just read sections of it on his own. When we officially started reading Energy for Keeps much later, it hadn't lost any of its appeal. We enjoyed all of the sections; enough information was provided about each topic without becoming boring. The illustrations are fabulous! They alone make the book worth its price as they make the different forms of energy production very understandable. In fact, my high school senior picked up the book after hearing that the Japanese nuclear power plants were in danger of melting down. She didn't understand how nuclear power plants worked and wasn't satisfied with any of the explanations on the web. The section on nuclear power in this book answered all of her questions. I would recommend this book to everyone, not just students; in today's world, we all need to become energy savvy."
- Angela W., homeschool teacher

"Energy for Keeps is a great book. I especially liked the solar and wind sections, and also learning how energy is made from big turbines in all the different power plants. The fun drawings helped me understand the technology even more."
- Daniel W., 6th grade homeschool student

"I've shared your book with a bunch of colleagues and we all think it's a great resource for teachers."
— Brian Gravel, Center for Engineering Educational Outreach, Tufts University

"A very nice book on such a hot issue as energy. A valuable help for teachers in the struggle to keep alive the 'scientific mind' of young students."
— Roberto Francini, Department of Physics, Università di Roma – Rome, Italy

"Our instructors and the teachers who reviewed your book love it! We are excited to have it as reference and enrichment at our coming Math Institute which features renewable energy resources as its focused application area."
— Ellen Matheny, Director of Education & Outreach, University of Washington, College of Forest Resources

"It is excellent! Looks like you had an allstar cast of advisors, and the layout and organization are great!"
— Meredith Owens, Energy Management Supervisor, Alameda Power and Telecom, California

"A marvelous collection of knowledge on renewable energy. I am a teacher in Ireland and have been trying to source a textbook that would be both as informative and interesting as this book. I like the format and it is a very easy read. It is obvious that a lot of work has gone into the publication and congratulations to the authors and editor."
— Frank Monaghan, student teacher, Limerick University, Ireland


Energy for Keeps: Creating Clean Electricity from Renewable Resources

Marilyn Nemzer, Deborah Page, Anna Carter

SALE $19.95

$24.95 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9744765-5-1
8 x 10, 192 pages
photos / illustrations
published in 2010 by
Energy Education Group

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