"By their very nature, the majority of log home owners are concerned with living a sustainable, responsible lifestyle and leaving the lightest possible footprint on our surroundings and resources. The Ewings seem to have discovered that sweet spot in crafting log homes where self-reliance, comfort and economy coincide, living in harmony with nature without sacrificing any of the modern amenities we all require. Read Crafting Log Homes Solar Style with caution. You may find yourself unable to live without a log home. And you will certainly never regard your energy use the same again."
— Brian Gabriel,

A great resource! There aren’t a lot of books that focus on the nuts and bolts of log home construction. Fewer still that focus on the energy efficiency possibilities. Rex and LaVonne’s book tackles them both and does it well. It’s broad enough to give you an accurate perspective on the entire process and detailed enough to serve as a manual during construction. Besides being filled with up-to-date real world advice, it's well-written and filled with personal experiences. This book should be at the top of your list for any log construction project.”
— Jim Cooper, author of Log Homes Made Easy 

“This eagerly anticipated edition explains the realities of handcrafting a log home and living off grid. It is loaded with tips so you can avoid common construction pitfalls, and you'll be encouraged by spotlights of a dozen very different log homes using solar and wind power. I highly recommend it!
— Tracy Johnston, Log Home Store, Inc.

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This book is a must-read for anyone planning to build a log home. And it offers homeowners an opportunity to incorporate the past with the present by equipping their energy-saving log structures with modern solar energy—a great win-win combination.”               
— Gary Schroeder, Schroeder Log Home Supply

"The yin/yang aspect of a couple working together to build their dream home transports this from being a mere how-to-book, to something like an adventure, or at least a darn good story. If you're in the market for a log home or alternative energy system, this book will provide you with plenty of inspiration, as well as practical know-how. But even if you're not into log homes, there's a good chance you'll enjoy meeting these people and sharing some of their experiences--and the romance."
— J. D. Belanger, Countryside Editor Emeritus

"An outstanding book! It is very informative about log-building basics and will easily be understood by the homeowner. Of the 120 books in our bookstore, Crafting Log Homes Solar Style will be at the top of our must-read-before-building list. If you're planning to build a log home, read this book first"
— Pat Young, Log Home Resource Center

"This revision of Logs, Wind and Sun is coming out when interest in renewable energy is keen. While their story does contain useful tips and insight based on their experience and mistakes, the best section is tucked at the end-there are definitions and descriptions of different energy sources, with pros and cons clearly listed, along with the associated costs and equipment required. This alone makes the book valuable, even if you are not inspired to tromp out to the wilderness to build a log cabin."
— Library Journal

"Highly recommended for anyone who is pondering building a log cabin, and a must-have for community library environmental collections."
— Wisconsin Bookwatch

"A solid guide to building solar-powered log homes and includes how-to illustrations and photos and profiles of log home owners around America. The authors also handcraft an off-the-grid log home in the Colorado Rockies: their success is enlightening and inspirational and their challenges clear to any who would follow."
— California Bookshelf

"A complete guide to someone who wants to build an environmentally conscious home. whether to live in or for a vacation home. Highly recommended for anyone who is pondering building a log cabin, and a must-have for community library environmental collections."
Midwest Book Review

"This book gave us a great overview, and made the whole process that we are setting out to do seem do-able. I would recommend this book to anyone the least bit curious about setting up a log home to accept solar tech."
Amy F. Kehoe

"The book had many great ideas for setting up your own solar power, putting in a well and other ideas for people who want to go off the grid or live too far from the grid to hook up. Loved the book."
Darla M. Moran

"Anyone who loves the outdoors, anyone who is contemplating building a log cabin, anyone who is thinking of going green, will just love this book. This book feels like your friends are telling you all their experiences, in a good way. This is an enjoyable book which teaches you loads without you realizing it. It is amusing too, with their tips, and their ups and downs. Just get it, you'll see what I mean."
A. Burnhill

"Full of good , practical, information for all aspects of real log home construction. No kit building put your own 'log A-5' to your logs if you please, no one will do it for you. You will know what to use and what to buy for your needs from the logs to the tools to work them. Solar? The author uses nearly only natural energies and therefore builds to an energy efficient level...we can all use that, solar or not. I wish the guy who built our cabin had read and understood these procedures before the build. I now know better how to fix the issues."
Douglas E. Dibble


Crafting Log Homes Solar Style:
An Inspiring Guide to Self-Sufficiency

Rex A. Ewing & LaVonne Ewing

SALE $15.00

$25.00 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9773724-4-7
7.5 x 9, 256 pages
published 2008

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