It simply doesn't get any better than this. If you buy one book to help you find a career in renewable energy, make it this one. Hands down, the best green job book on the market today.”
- GreenMuze staff

This book is a gem! For those who are searching for a rewarding career in renewable energy, this is the place to start. It is chock full of important information and resources that will guide you on your journey. I highly recommend it.”
- Susan T. Schleith, Education Coordinator, Florida Solar Energy Center

“The clean energy economy is booming across the United States and around the world. Careers in Renewable Energy is a sophisticated—and user-friendly—guide for finding meaningful job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
- Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico

“This book is an enjoyable read, succinct yet complete. It's a must-have for anyone considering a new or different career in renewable energy, or anyone advising them! And if you weren't already considering a new career? You might after you read THIS book!"
- Dr. Cortney Martin, Virginia Tech

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Edifying and accessible, this volume will be a welcome addition for career centers and environmental collections.
- School Library Journal

Careers in Renewable Energy will open your students' eyes to the many possibilities that already exist, as well as ones that are bound to unfold in the years ahead.
- Peter Vogt, Campus Career Counselor publication

“The green industries are growing at an unforeseen rate, and are concerned with meeting their growth potential. This book is the perfect guide to gain a foothold in these dynamic industries.
- Scott Sklar, President – The Stella Group, Ltd.

“This useful book is long overdue. More and more often, I receive calls from people across the country wanting to know how to get into solar; what kind of training and experience is required, and where to get it. Finally a resource that definitively answers these questions and much more.
- Jonathan Hill, Solar Applications Engineer – Sierra Solar Systems




Careers in Renewable Energy, updated 2nd edition: Your World, Your Future

Gregory McNamee

$20.00 paperback
ISBN 978-1-936555-52-9
6 x 9, 192 pages
published 2014

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