"If this is the only book you ever buy on equine nutrition, you won't go wrong."
The Gaited Horse magazine, Spring 2004

"Ewing doesn’t strike me as a man who’s in love with calculators and analytical chemistry. He’s a horse lover. He speaks our language and he’s a practical man. On matters of equine nutrition, he cuts to the chase....Ewing hands it to you on a silver platter and makes it downright palatable. I particularly liked the chapter on minerals, which, in my opinion, is the biggest black hole in the average horseman’s nutritional knowledge. Buy this book, and read it."
— Karen E. N. Hayes, DVM, MS, PLLC for Horse & Rider, December 2003

"This gem of a paperback is a treasure trove of facts about what every horse-keeper needs to know about feeding horses. Years as CEO of an equine feed company gave him the fodder to write this handy little reference book, suitable for greenhorns and weathered trail hands alike - healthy doses of common sense interspersed with science make it very palatable and easy to digest."
— Lauren Giannini, In & Around Horse Country, April/May 2003

"Simple is the operative word. What could’ve been a scientific treatise is instead a user-friendly, easy-to-read equine nutrition guide. In addition to traditional rations, such as grain and hay, Ewing also discusses vitamins, mineral, nutraceuticals and supplements."
Western Horseman, May 2003

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"...this edition is worthy of study as an excellent reference for you to use in conjunction with the good advice you can get from the experts you trust at your local feed store."
— Bob Howdy, Ph.D., Horse Previews April 2003

"Beyond the Hay Days can help us become educated horse people when it comes to equine nutrition. Although it does contain science lessons, the information is made as user friendly as possible... Rather than telling us exactly what to feed our horses, Beyond the Hay Days empowers us with the knowledge to make our own intelligent feeding choices.
Horse Illustrated Oct 2003

"Practical and easy to understand, this helpful book has a new edition with more information and the latest details on equine nutrition. Supplementation has become an art, and Ewing brings you up-to-date with the latest on glucosamine, fatty acids and many other natural supplements. If your feed room looks like a health food store, this book might help you make better use of some of that inventory. The new edition lives up to my opinion of the original version: ‘This fascinating and folksy book takes a very dry subject and makes it interesting. For those not seeking a doctorate in equine nutrition, this book pretty well covers what we need to know.’ The book has a tremendous amount information to offer."
— Pat Ingram for American Quarter Horse Journal

"From start to finish, this book is one of the most accessible tomes I have ever read on the topic of equine nutrition, vitamins and minerals. The book is filled with helpful and easy to read charts, along with lovely sketches. Even charts such as the ‘Quick Summary of Macrominerals’ are easy to follow and understand. Whether you have a broodmare, weanling, active sporthorse or a geriatric equine, this book will be an invaluable aid in keeping your horse healthy and happy. Every stable should have a copy in the feed room.
Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar, June 2003

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"If you’d like to get a handle on equine nutrition, but the subject tends to make your eyes glaze over, add Beyond the Hay Days to your horse library....Ewing will answer most, if not all of your questions. And don’t overlook the book’s tiny Appendix, which will enable you to customize your horse’s ration
Horse & Rider

"You’re in the feed store, peering quizzically at the label on a 50-pound sack, when a fellow shopper comes over to help. Turns out he’s a rancher who spent seven years as president and CEO of a nutritional supplement company. In about 15 minutes, he’s walked you through the nutrients on the label, describing what they mean for your horse’s stage of life and level of activity, and suddenly the mystery of feeding seems perfectly clear. That’s how you’ll feel when you read Beyond the Hay Days, by Rex A. Ewing. OK, it’s a corny title, but this pleasant little primer contains an impressive amount of science and a healthy dose of common sense from a man who’s been raising and feeding horses successfully for years."

"This thin, easy-to-read book uses common sense as its guiding force and knits in those complicated equations so the reader learns—and enjoys while doing so. Author Rex Ewing writes this book like a long magazine article—and I mean a good magazine article. It’s lively, full of fun and gets the information to the reader in a hurry...I highly recommend this book as an inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-swallow guide for experienced and green horsemen....For those of us who hate science and complicated dissertations, this is the book of choice."
National Sporting Library

"Beyond the Hay Days by Rex A. Ewing is, as the subtitle suggests, "a refreshingly simple guide to effective horse nutrition." This book explains everything you need to know to sort through a feed label. The information is easy to apply, since it’s organized according to specific application: supplements for the broodmare, requirements of a stallion, needs of growing foals, etc. The author has taken a complicated subject and made it not only understandable but also interesting, so what I thought was going to be a slog through a ton of nutritional facts turned out to be a breeze to read...."
Rural Heritage

"Ewing is an excellent writer who consistently makes the information he conveys interesting and well worth wading through. We learn, for instance, how to read a feed bag label—no small skill—and we get, along the way, a primer on converting to the metric system, favored by feed manufacturers....Ewing reminds us that "no two horses share the same biological makeup, or nutritional tolerances." Therefore, he doesn’t dismiss that old standby, the horseman’s eye....Beyond the Hay Days is a great reference as well as a delight to read."




Beyond the Hay Days: Refreshingly Simple Horse Nutrition

Rex A. Ewing

$18.95 paperback SALE $12.95
$26.00 hardcover SALE $19.95
ISBN 978-0-9658098-4-9
5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages
published 2004

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