Part I: Nutrients That Supply Energy and The Horse’s Needs

  • Energy: Fuel for the Equine Engine
  • Nutrients That Supply Energy
  • Putting Things Into Perspective
  • The Fundamentals: Energy & Protein Requirements
  • (Maintenance Horses; Older Horses; Performance Horses; Stallions; Broodmares; Nursing Foals; Weanlings, Yearlings & Beyond)

Part II: Nutrients That Don’t Supply Energy

  • Enzymes: Catalysts of Life
  • Minerals: Elemental Necessities (Macrominerals, Trace Minerals)
  • Vitamins: The Missing Puzzle Pieces (Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Water-Soluble Vitamins)

Part III: The Extras and The Basics

  • Exotic Nutrients (MSM, DMG, Chondroitin Sulfates & Glucosamine, Bromelain)
  • Closing Considerations: The Basics (Teeth and Parasites; Wood, Sand and Sundries; Feeding Tips; Forages; Grains, Fats and Extra Protein; Basics of a Successful Feeding Program)


  • Guide to Supplemental Feeding
  • Helpful Formulas & Conversion Factors


Beyond the Hay Days: Refreshingly Simple Horse Nutrition

Rex A. Ewing

$18.95 paperback SALE $12.95
$26.00 hardcover SALE $19.95
ISBN 978-0-9658098-4-9
5.5 x 8.5, 160 pages
published 2004

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