Creating fire is easy, yet understanding and learning to live with this friend and foe has never been easy; stopping fire is a dangerous—often deadly—pursuit. Drawing on his experiences as an environmental historian, firefighter and life safety educator, author Einar Jensen presents an eye-opening look at fire and our history of dealing with it, then gives us the tools for being responsible and prepared—as parents, as communities, and as homeowners in the wildland urban interface.


  1. Fire, Our Friend and Foe
  2. Fundamentals of Fire Science
  3. Youth & Firesetting: Playing with Fire Can Burn Us
  4. Fire's Dark Side: A Tool of Pain & Destruction
  5. Fire's Positive Side: A Tool of Creation
  6. Rules of Fire, Rites of Fire
  7. Sacred Fire
  8. Risk Perception and Fire
  9. Harmony with Fire
  10. Will We Keep Burning?

Plus 29 Ancient Myths about the Origins of Fire, and a detailed appendix with Resources for Dealing with Youth Fire Misuse, Suggested Reading, Online Resources, Glossary, and more.


Ancient Fire, Modern Fire:
Understanding and Living With Our Friend & Foe

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Einar Jensen

$19.95 paperback
ISBN 978-1-936555-64-2
6 x 9, 224 pages
early 2016

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