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Rex Ewing

RexEwingheadshot72dpiAuthor of Power With Nature; HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff, Cool Science; Got Sun? Go Solar; Crafting Log Homes Solar Style; and Beyond the Hay Days

Rex Ewing’s diverse interests have led him from Colorado to Costa Rica to Alaska, working cattle and horses, mining gold, and formulating equine supplements. He now lives at the end of a bad dirt road in the Colorado Rockies with his wife LaVonne and two dogs. There he writes novels and non-fiction books from his hand-hewn log cabin powered by the sun and wind. In his latest project, Rex turned his love of science into a suspenseful post-apocalyptic tale that one reviewer called, "The best-written book I have read in years." Winds of Purgatory is set in Colorado where science and the supernatural collide in an attempt to bring oil—a maliciously destroyed, long-lost commodity—back to the world.

Linda Masterson

LindaMasterson-headshotRGB72dpiAuthor of Living With Bears, and Surviving Wildfire

Award-winning author and researcher Linda Masterson tackles a subject she knows all too well in Surviving Wildfire: Get Prepared, Stay Alive, Rebuild Your Life (A Handbook for Homeowners). Masterson's home and 72-acre tree farm burned to the ground in the Crystal wildfire in 2011, leaving her with little but her laptop and a fierce determination to get back on her feet and share the lessons she learned with others living with wildfire risk.  SurvivingWildfire.com.  Masterson is also the author of the newly released Living with Bears Handbook LivingWithBears.com, and her articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines.

Einar Jensen

Author of Ancient Fire, Modern Fire: Understanding & Living With Our Friend & Foe

Origins of Fire: Ancient Myths from Around the World

Einar Jensen, a veteran community risk reduction specialist, works for Colorado's Jensen Einar-72dpiSouth Metro Fire Rescue Authority's Preparedness Division directing their wildfire mitigation program and educating students and the public on fire and injury prevention. Prior to leaving the mountains, he was a volunteer firefighter for Clear Creek Fire Authority for twelve years and, concurrently, volunteered for eight years for Clear Creek Sheriff's Office Marmot Wildfire Crew. He studied environmental history at the University of Montana and University of Puget Sound and considers himself a recovering print journalist. He is an active member of the Fire & Life Safety Educators of Colorado.

Roland Sweet

RolandSweet-headshotAuthor of Log Home Secrets of Success

Roland Sweet was a respected author, editor and 30-year veteran of the log home industry. In 1989 he was named the founding editor of Log Home Living magazine, and over the years he served as editor of Log Homes Illustrated, Timber Homes Illustrated, and Distinctive Wood Homes. His book, Log Home Secrets of Success, was released in 2010. Through his writing and his workshops at log home shows, Roland helped thousands of people realize their own dream of living in a log home.

Donal B. Lloyd

DonLloyd-headshot72dpiRGBAuthor of The Smart Guide to Geothermal and Geo Power

Don Lloyd is an electrical engineer now retired from Honeywell after 35 years in marketing, engineering and project management. He has extensive experience in taking complex subjects (such as laser gyroscopes or mosaic infrared detectors) and explaining how they work in terms understood by the general public. He is at his best when giving lectures describing how geothermal heat pumps work and why they are the ideal heating and cooling solution for homeowners. Don lives in the Hudson River Valley region of New York State with his wife, artist Martha Lloyd, in their new home where the oil trucks pass by but never stop.

Jack Ewing

JackEwing-headshot72dpiAuthor of Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed and Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate

Jack Ewing's love affair with the rainforest began in 1970 when, in search of new opportunities for plying his Bachelor of Science degree and his skills as a cattle rancher, he left his native Colorado and moved his wife, Diane, and their young family to the jungles of Costa Rica. His ever-growing fascination with the rainforest, however, soon prompted his transformation into environmentalist and naturalist. Jack's articles appear regularly in Costa Rican publications, and he often speaks to environmental, student and ecological traveler groups. He is currently president of two environmental organizations, ASANA and FUNDANTA. Jack and Diane live on internationally acclaimed Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge. HaciendaBaru.com

Sylvia Dolson

SylviaDolson-headshot72dpi-cropdAuthor of Bear-ology

Sylvia Dolson's passion for bears is equaled only by her quest to teach people about the true nature of these wonderful bruins. Her ultimate goal is for a greater coexistence — one in which people and bears live in harmony. Sylvia has been involved with the Get Bear Smart Society since 1996 and is now the executive director. She is also a member of the International Association for Bear Research and Management. As a leading expert on living with bears in residential communities, she has been instrumental in bringing forward more progressive, bear-friendly management policies in British Columbia, Canada.

Gregory McNamee

GregoryMcNameeBW72dpiAuthor of Careers in Renewable Energy

Gregory McNamee is a writer, editor, photographer, and consultant in publishing, film, and other media. He is the author or title-page editor of twenty-six books, including several on ecology and natural history, and of more than three thousand periodical pieces. He writes on science, culture, the environment, and other topics for many publications in the United States and abroad, and he is a contributing editor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and its blog. McNamee divides his time between his home in Tucson, Arizona, and his migratory habitats in Virginia, New York, Italy, and other places.

Doug Pratt

DougPratt-headshotCo-Author of Got Sun? Go Solar

Since the mid-1980s, Doug Pratt has been in the forefront on the renewable energy industry as consultant, technician, teacher and writer. He has worked with a wide range of industry manufacturers, beta-testing new equipment and bringing it to market. For 15 years Doug was the technical editor for the industry-leading Real Goods Solar Living, while designing and consulting on thousands of residential and commercial renewable energy systems. Pratt has lived in passive solar homes, on and off-grid since 1980.

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