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Costa Rica's Fascinating History Recorded

Following his popular Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate book, author Jack Ewing delves into a tumultuous yet fascinating history of the south-central Pacific coast of Costa Rica in his second book, Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed.

“History is lost if it’s not written down,” says Ewing. “Over the past decades, I have come to love both this land and the people who inhabit it and felt their history needed to be told. I wrote Tapirs and Jaguars so that others may gain a deeper appreciation of this beautiful place.”

“For Jack’s many fans, the stories recalling episodes of his 45-year, personal evolution from cattle rancher, to emerging naturalist and conservationist, to renowned environmentalist will be equally enlightening and entertaining. This book will appeal to all ages and a wide range of readers—tourists, naturalists, environmentalists, natural history students, local history buffs and anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the natural Costa Rica that Jack has worked so hard to foster and protect.”
– Dorothy MacKinnon, travel writer; Fodor’s Guide to Costa Rica, Insight Guide to Costa Rica, Tico Times


Why Is Geothermal Such a Smart Investment for Homeowners?

New Book, Geo Power, Demystifies a Superior Heating & Cooling Choice

June 2015 — A new book, Geo Power, gives homeowners, homebuilders and architects what they need to know when considering geothermal heating / cooling, a technology the EPA calls "the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective" space-conditioning system available.

All homes, new or existing, can use ground-source heat pumps (GHPs) to harness nature's free energy for year-round comfort. But understanding how and why heat pumps work, and which system options are best for your situation, can be confusing. Author Don Lloyd tackles this challenge head-on with clear, down-to-earth explanations.

Because homeowners quickly get past the feel-good "green-ness" of any technology and focus on the bottom-line, Lloyd details how this reliable, proven technology saves money year after year in utility bills AND increases the value of the home.


Job Seekers Have a New Book: Careers in Renewable Energy

April 1, 2014 – "Renewable energy is entering a growth era, and the need for well-trained, well-educated workers is growing with it," says Gregory McNamee, author of the newly released book, Careers in Renewable Energy, updated 2nd edition. "For anyone contemplating entering that market or changing careers, the time is right."
     The solar industry, which has grown an astonishing 53 percent since 2010 (according the National Solar Jobs Census 2013), is just one of many clean-energy industries. Energy efficiency, green building, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, biomass, and green transportation all provide exciting career avenues.


Surviving Wildfire Book a Wake-Up Call for Homeowners

"Surviving Wildfire should be mandatory reading for anyone living in the WUI."
- Garry Sanfacon, Fourmile Canyon Fire Recovery Manager

May 15, 2013 – No one thinks their home will burn down in a wildfire. And yet every year thousands of homes do. Research shows that at least half of the people who stand in the ashes of their dreams must face the fact that they don't have the right kind of coverage or enough insurance to rebuild and replace what they owned.
     Few people know what their homeowners' insurance actually covers or how it works in a major loss. Or understand the high price they'll pay for being underinsured and unprepared. One wildfire survivor is determined to change all that.


Homeowners Aiming for Self-Reliance Have New Book

Power With Nature Points the Way to Energy Independence for Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Homes

March 5, 2013 — Power blackouts and rising energy costs are increasing concerns for homeowners, but there are many renewable-energy options available to anyone wishing to become more self-reliant. In his newly released book, POWER WITH NATURE, author Rex A. Ewing explains how to harness free energy from the sun, wind, water and the earth, whether the goal is to stay tethered to the utility grid or to disconnect and become completely self-sufficient.
     "We've all grown up with the idea that energy isn't free, but that's simply not true. No one owns the sun and no one taxes it. The energy it creates is there for the taking," says Rex Ewing. "All anyone has to do is buy the equipment and be smart about using it."


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