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New Guide to Help Teach Students about Fire

Educator’s Guide now available for the book, Ancient Fire, Modern Fire

October 2016 — Teachers and homeschool parents now have a new tool for teaching fire safety: Ancient Fire, Modern Fire, a book by Einar Jensen, and the companion Educator’s Guide (PixyJack Press).

Because this book explores human relationships with fire, it offers multiple benefits to multiple audiences. Depending on the grade level of the student, you’ll find resources for enhancing science, social studies, history, geography, economics, comprehensive health, and literacy lessons. The Educator’s Guide includes discussion questions by grade level, a glossary of fire terminology, resources for classroom activities, and a fun crossword puzzle.

“We can’t eliminate fire from our planet. Nor can we fight it,” says author Jensen. “As history has shown, we can’t win a war against wildfire or any other fire for that matter. It’s time to make peace with it. Ancient Fire, Modern Fire is my effort to start negotiating terms for peace and a tool for you to teach your students about fire.”

EducatorGuide-AFMF-p1Book chapters include the fundamentals of fire science; youth and firesetting; fire’s dark side—a tool of pain and destruction; fire’s positive side—a tool of creation; sacred fire; our risk perception and fire; and “will we keep burning?” Wrapping up the book is an entertaining section of twenty-nine ancient myths from around the world about the origins of fire, followed by a detailed appendix with resources for dealing with youth fire misuse, and more.

Einar Jensen is a veteran community risk-reduction specialist with Colorado’s South Metro Fire Rescue Authority’s Preparedness Division, directing their wildfire mitigation program and educating students and the public on fire and injury prevention.

Ancient Fire, Modern Fire: Understanding and Living With Our Friend & Foe

by Einar Jensen is published by PixyJack Press
$19.95, 224 pages softcover, ISBN 978-1-936555-64-2

Educator’s Guide is a 10-page PDF download, free with book or $3 if ordered separately


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