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Job Seekers Have a New Book: Careers in Renewable Energy

April 1, 2014 – "Renewable energy is entering a growth era, and the need for well-trained, well-educated workers is growing with it," says Gregory McNamee, author of the newly released book, Careers in Renewable Energy, updated 2nd edition. "For anyone contemplating entering that market or changing careers, the time is right."
     The solar industry, which has grown an astonishing 53 percent since 2010 (according the National Solar Jobs Census 2013), is just one of many clean-energy industries. Energy efficiency, green building, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, biomass, and green transportation all provide exciting career avenues.

     "The path to soft—renewable, that is—energy has not been an easy one in the last few years, thanks to economic turmoil and resistance to opening markets on the part of certain nonrenewable energy giants," says McNamee. "For all that, the costs of renewable-energy technologies are falling, innovations are coming ever faster, and the job sector is beginning to open again, with opportunities ranging from high-level research positions to entry-level installation work."
     Careers in Renewable Energy is ideal for young people considering which career path to take, as well as adults retooling their careers. It covers the major clean-energy industries and the skills and education needed for a wide range of job opportunities, from research and engineering to sales, customer service and project management to all manner of skilled trades.
     Numerous community colleges and universities now offer courses and cross-platform degrees. McNamee lists over 60 schools that are leaders in renewable energy education, and includes additional resources within each chapter for further research.
     "This book is an enjoyable read, succinct yet complete. It's a must-have for anyone considering a new or different career in renewable energy, or anyone advising them," says Dr. Cortney Martin of Virginia Tech. "And if you weren't already considering a new career? You might after you read THIS book."
     Careers in Renewable Energy, Updated 2nd Edition by Gregory McNamee is published by PixyJack Press ($20.00; ISBN 978-1-936555-52-9; 192 pages). Ebook versions also available.

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