PixyJack Press: Evolution of a Publishing Company

RexLaVonneEwing2011crpd72dpi Ever since 1997 when author Rex Ewing teamed up with his wife, LaVonne, an award-winning graphic designer, to produce their first horse nutrition title, PixyJack Press has endeavored to produce books that create a ripple effect.
    Drawing from their firsthand experience with renewable energy, they’ve published a number of helpful titles for homeowners, including Power With Nature, Got Sun? Go Solar, and Crafting Log Homes Solar Style. Adding to their log home selection, author Roland Sweet penned Log Home Secrets of Success.
    Also on the sustainable living / renewable energy subject is the new title by Don Lloyd, Geo Power ... written for anyone wishing to heat and cool their homes using nature's free energy. For those wanting to understand hydrogen energy, HYDROGEN—Hot Stuff Cool Science is now in its 2nd edition. And to aid those looking for green jobs in the fast-growing field of alternative energy, check out the updated 2nd edition of Careers in Renewable Energy by Gregory McNamee.
    Adding to their wildlife and nature section, they just released Linda Masterson's 2nd edition of Living With Bears Handbook.This title nicely complements BEAR-OLOGY by Sylvia Dolson, a popular title for all ages.
    Going further south, Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate by Jack Ewing has been welcomed by travelers, students of rainforest ecology and anyone interested in Costa Rica. In 2015 Jack's 2nd book, Where Tapirs and Jaguars Once Roamed, was released.
    In 2013, PixyJack Press teamed up with Linda Masterson to publish Surivivng Wildfire, a title born of firsthand experience from when Linda and her husband lost their home in the Crystal Fire of 2011. Having also survived this wildfire and other fires, Rex and LaVonne have a strong commitment to help others faced with such terror and destruction.
    Also in the fire safety / awareness vein is their 2016 title Ancient Fire, Modern Fire by Einar Jensen, which is receiving awesome reviews from fire service professionals as well as teachers.
    All in all, PixyJack Press is rather ' green' when it comes to their business (which is powered with solar and wind energy), and the books they publish. Even Publishers Weekly took note of this unique combination in the January 5, 2009 issue.

PixyJack Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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