Student's comments - Claire W.

An interview with college freshman, Claire W. (an engineering student at NDSU):

1) What did you find appealing about HYDROGEN—Hot Stuff, Cool Science?

It was fast paced yet careful when explaining the matter at hand. And having the “tech stuff” at the end of every chapter made it easy to clear up any questions. I also appreciated learning how hydrogen could be used in today's society.

2) What makes this book unique to readers?

It was great how the chapters flowed together and how Zed, the wizard, had everyone guessing what he was going to do next. The author excelled at relieving any tension with humor.

I have tried to research hydrogen on the web and in books. Really, though, it was a wasted effort. A lot of the books were out of date and too many of the news articles were biased or overly technical. HYDROGEN—Hot Stuff, Cool Science is both modern and not too technical.

I loved how the book ended. What better way than to hand people a contrasting ideal to work toward? Is that not what motivates us as a society?

3) Will it speak to your generation?

This book is most definitely appropriate for my generation. We're the ones next in line and how many of us have this motivation?  I can't begin to describe how many times I hear the phrase "I don't care" in a day. And, really, it is just that. We don't care...but we should and I think this book is the key to the front door.

4) Does it have a place in the classroom?

Since when was there a law that textbooks have to be tedious? I’d much rather read an engaging book like this one. So yes, it should be used in the classroom. I would recommend it to anyone who has taken a course in Chemistry.

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HYDROGEN - Hot Stuff, Cool Science
2nd Edition:
Discover the Future of Energy

Rex A. Ewing

SALE $10.00
ISBN 978-0-9773724-1-6
6 x 9, 288 pages
published January 2007

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