Homebrew Wind Power

A step-by-step, illustrated guide for building a wind generator in a home or school workshop and then installing it in an off-grid electrical system. This book also covers the basic physics of how wind energy is converted into electricity, plus it provides a realistic idea of what wind energy can and cannot do for the end user.


"A well-crafted blend of theory and practical information for all who want to build a quiet, efficient, and economical wind turbine to achieve greater energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint. These guys know their stuff and know how to convey it in a clear, concise, understandable, and humorous fashion."
- Dan Chiras, PhD, author of green energy books

"The Otherpower Dans and their crew learn more in their sleep about building good wind generators than the rest of us learn in the daylight. If you want to be able to build simple, robust, and productive wind turbines awake or asleep, buy this book!"
- Ian Woofenden, Senior Editor, Home Power Magazine

"Finally, a detailed--some would argue exhaustive--treatment of how to build your own backyard wind turbine...This is a fun book. It's well written and informative too. If you plan to build your own, this is the one to have."
- Paul Gipe, author of wind energy books; 1988 Person of the Year by the American Wind Energy Association; Pioneer Status from the World Renewable Energy Congress.




  • Foreword by Mick Sagrillo
  • Introduction to Wind Power, Renewable Energy 101, Power in the Wind
  • Electricity from a Spinning Shaft
  • Furling & Regulation, Shop Safety
  • Mold Building, Coil Winder, Frame, Tail
  • Magnet Rotors, Stator, Rectifiers, Alternator Assembly
  • Blades, Rotor Assembly
  • Tower Types & Sizes, Raising Towers
  • Failures & Prevention
  • Scaling It Up & Down
  • plus an extensive appendix


Authors Dan & Dan

Dan Bartmann is the founder of do-it-yourself renewable energy website www.OtherPower.com, which he started in 1999 to educate the public about solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. In addition to co-authoring Homebrew Wind Power, he writes for both Home Power and BackHome magazines. Bartmann's wind turbine designs have received acclaim from wind industry experts, and he focuses on wind power systems that can be locally manufactured and installed in remote, undeveloped parts of the world. He gives frequent educational lectures, seminars, and hands-on workshops around the world. Dan grew up off the grid, and now lives high in the mountains West of Fort Collins, 11 miles from the nearest power line.

Dan Fink is a renewable energy journalist and consultant based high in the mountains West of Fort Collins. He has lived completely off the grid since 1991, and spent over eight years in the field designing and installing renewable energy systems. He joined the www.OtherPower.com staff in 2000 as Technical Director, and is co-author of Homebrew Wind Power. His articles and photographs have appeared in such magazines as Home Power, BackHome, Lighting Today, The Energy Self-Sufficiency Newsletter, Zymurgy, Full-Size Jeep, and Fly Rod and Reel. Dan Fink is also an on-call "Ask the Experts" columnist for Home Power magazine, and a renewable energy blogger for www.sunpluggers.com.


Homebrew Wind Power: A Hands-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind

Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink

$39.95 paperback
ISBN 978-0-9819201-0-8
8 x 10, 320 pages
published in 2009 by
Buckville Publications, LLC

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