Nature...The Wild and Not So Wild

CareersInRenewableEnergy2-CVR300px Recent Release:
Careers in Renewable Energy

Updated and expanded 2nd edition for those new to the workforce AND anyone looking for a new career.

9780977372492-300px Recent Release:
Power With Nature

Be self-reliant by harnessing free energy from the sun, wind, water and earth, whether you are grid-tied or off-grid.

JoyOfBears-800pxRecent Release:
Joy of Bears

Breathtaking images and thought-provoking words sure to bring joy to your heart.

GeoPowerCVRemail GEO POWER: Heat & Cool with Super-Efficient Geothermal Heat Pumps

A straight-talking book on ground-source heat pumps and why they are the best choice for heating and cooling homes. Aimed at installers and those in the trade, Geo Power provides insights into the science behind this proven heat-pump technology and also addresses homeowners’ concerns, such as how to make sense of various system options and why spending more money on a GHP makes sense in the long run. Also suitable for savvy homeowners who appreciate a bit of science when making renewable energy decisions.

  • Geothermal system options: open loop, closed loop, DX; horizontal and vertical earth loops.
  • Important money concerns: costs, tax credits, payback time, increased home values.
  • Earth Smart Home profiles.
  • Incorporating solar electricity.
  • Understanding the basic principles of heat pumps and how super-efficiencies are achieved.
  • Performance standards, ratings, and warranties.
  • Careers: joining the industry.
  • Extensive appendix.

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